Empowering creatives. Improving the news.

We exist for the service of creatives and media professionals worldwide, and we intend to foster an environment and technological platform that will promote and advance these unsung (and occasionally sung) heroes who hold the future of the world in the palm of their hands!

And, above all else, we are here to make it easier for these creatives and media professionals to get paid and to get noticed in return for their valiant, tireless efforts...

Our Software. Your Brand.
Together at last!

Are you a Small newspaper? A local news channel? A political activist?
Are you in need of a strong digital presence?

Our software platform is available to media companies of all sizes in order to help them manage their digital personality with ease and simplicity! Newspapers, local news channels, photography and videography companies, bloggers, and all other media platforms can syndicate or host their content with us.

And we make it profitable!

Depending on your technological needs, we will design and maintain a customized web presence, distribute that brand across a multitude of digital venues, provide free technical support, and much more - and do all of it with affordable, fixed rates that allow you to more accurately predict your technological expense!

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